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Notepad Set: Winter (with a touch of Summer)

Image of Notepad Set: Winter (with a touch of Summer)

Notepads are back!

I love these notepads, and they are a huge hit every year. They're great toss-around doodle pads, perfect for kids, and I keep one by my bed for midnight thoughts.

Notepads feature double covers with gorgeous full color prints. You will receive three notepads, one of each picture set shown (front and back covers are shown side by side in the pictures to the right).

Since upcycling was my goal and the covers of each pad are unused calendar pages, they do each have a month calendar grid printed on the back. But who cares about the back of the cover of a notepad, especially when the front of the cover is so beautiful?

Just $6 each. Great for gifts, or to keep on hand around the house. Spiral bound along the top, with 50 sheets of 20lb paper. Dimensions: 8.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall.

shipping: $6.00 per set
as always, if cumulative shipping charges exceed actual shipping costs, you will receive a refund to your card.